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Available 4.20.2024


Wish Wielder Bonds: Book One

She entered a land of beasts and magic.

He’ll risk everything to ensure she’s safe.

Blinded at a young age, Gage Aymeris begs the cursed nomads of the south to help him regain his sight. In exchange for granting his wish, his soul is bound to a young woman, allowing her the chance to enter his land. Eager to prove himself worthy of her gift, Gage vows to protect Whitetail’s life by any means necessary.

Plagued by a curse that has affected her bloodline for generations, Whitetail hunts and kills the beast that consumed her sister before it can bring about the death of any more innocents. Her feat awards her no glory, and as she travels across the forbidden land, her trials are only beginning.

As Gage and Whitetail’s paths converge, dark secrets are unveiled, forcing Gage to question the journey he’s started. And if they aren’t careful about the company they keep, Whitetail’s fate could end no better than her sister’s.

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Wish Wielder Bonds: Book Two

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