Amanda Ryen Stonecypher has spent the majority of her life in southern Missouri. After graduating high school, she studied animation at the Kansas City Art Institute, but eventually decided she wanted to pursue a family rather than career. For the next decade she settled into a comfortable life with a simple day job that allowed her to spend the evenings and weekends with her growing family. During that time, she tried her hand at creating graphic novels which slowly transformed into her focusing solely on writing a narrative.

Ryen has worked on the Wish Wielder Bonds duology for roughly eight years, pouring her heart into a world she is eager to share.  When she isn’t writing or drawing concept art of the characters she’s created, she can be found building Lego starships with her two wild boys. They love defending the world against invisible monsters and she loves fighting alongside them. Whenever she needs a mental break, she will hop on an assortment of video games with her husband, immersing herself in beautiful worlds with engaging characters.